Soredtherose's Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Tv Review

Rated: 4

If you are not a Final Fantasy fan, then this film is just special effects and one battle after another. There is not that much in the way of humour, which is almost a shame, because the funny parts are actually quite funny.

Must of the laughs are provided by two agents from the Shinra company. One looks like he walked straight out of The Matrix, with his bald head and sunglasses. His partner has loud red hair, which really stands out in the film, since everybody either has silver hair, or "natural" hair colours like black, brown and blond. These two guys are always getting into trouble, and they act like two stooges for much of the film.

There's not really that much romance in the film.

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Soredtherose's City Hunter Tv Review

Rated: 6

A lot of the humour in City Hunter is quite ecchi, and it's funny when you like that sort of thing. Another source of humour is Kaori and her magic hammer. She hits Ryo whenever he gets too perverted. Sometimes Ryo even dresses up in drag or hits on men, but usually Kaori only comes after him when he tries to flirt or feel up a woman. There are also jokes about Umibozu, who is some what shy and old fashioned with women.

The show might seem a little repetitive to some, but the humour seems fresh to the show. It is similar to Lupin III in some ways, but with more drama and romance. There are some episodes that are almost pure action or romance as well, so it varies.

The DVDs are from ADV, and you cannot get them separately.

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